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Easter is a great holiday for decorating and crafting.  For many families it marks the first real activity of spring, as school spring break typically comes just before or just after Easter, and it’s the time to pull out all the bright pastel colors in everything, from clothes to garden flags, finally brightening up the dismal grays of winter.

We love Easter, and we have a number of traditions, including a visit to the mall Easter Bunny, egg hunting, and egg coloring.  We try to find something new for the egg every year.  We’ll share them all, success and failure, and would love for you to share your experiences also.


Last week we carried on our annual tradition of dyeing eggs for Easter.  And along with the standard “dunking an egg in a cup of colored water”, we also found a new method to try.  This year it was so simple we can’t believe we didn’t know about it before–color the eggs with various color Sharpies markers.  To pick up a set of these markers, click any of the affiliate links on the word Sharpie in this post.
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Our "Round 3" cupcake display from the kids Easter Cupcake War.

One of the kids favorite TV shows is Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.  They are so into this show that they often simulate the “war” with things they are doing–coloring, picking up toys, etc.  They say “you have 5 minutes!”, followed by a mad frenzy of activity to complete the task at hand.  I like to think of Cupcake Wars as the baking version of Wipeout–there is always a good chance an entire tray of cupcakes is going in the trash or all over the floor.

Hold your own Cupcake Wars–we did!

This year for Easter, the girls decided they would do Cupcake Wars for real–and not only did we bake real cupcakes, but we constructed a “Round 3” display in which to showcase them.
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An activity we never miss during the build up to Easter is dyeing Easter eggs.  While we always do the traditional “dunking an egg in a cup of water colored with a dissolving tablet”, each year we also try to find a new coloring method in order to create something unique, or to make the task easier or more fun.

This year we tried two new methods.  The first was a new “no spill” container that holds the colored water and then the egg inserted and spun, dyeing the egg with no danger of spilling all of the colored water all over the room.  We had no success with this method–the container did not spill, but the egg did not take on much color, so that’s the last try for that process.

We tried the other new method–dyeing the actual egg rather than the shell–in two ways.
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